Voice care workshop - event page

Healthy voices, happy choirs

How to encourage good vocal health for singers

Total Choir Resources is excited to welcome Siân Winstanley, a long-time member, to deliver this online workshop, which will be hugely helpful to choir leaders and anyone working with singers. 

One of the biggest challenges we have as choir leaders is how to encourage good vocal health when we're working with large groups of unique voices, rather than listening and teaching one-to-one.

Here are some of the topics the workshop will cover:

  • vocal health basics- a bio-psycho-social approach
  • exercises - what, when and why?
  • reflux, colds and coughs
  • self-massage techniques
  • the application of mindfulness to singing and performance anxiety
  • what to do/expect if you get an injury

Siân Winstanley enjoys success on the international stage as a soprano and is regularly booked for BBC radio. She teaches, conducts and is a guest speaker in industries where vocal injury is high and vocal understanding low. She is a Certified Massage Therapist and Vocal Habilitation Professional, trained by global experts and is also trained in Autism Awareness.

Siân is a recommended practitioner for the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine. She has a wealth of experience of life as a performer and understands the unique demands of professional voice users. As a vocal care specialist, she is qualified to advise, treat and rehabilitate voice users with MTD, post-injury or post-surgery, in spoken and sung voice.